[Whitepaper] ASTERIOS®: The Software Development Platform for the Automotive Transformation

Turning points in the car industry

The next few decades will likely see the rise of EVs and autonomous vehicles and a diminishing of traditional internal combustion engines in modern transportation systems.

This growing EV market is creating opportunities for new business models, while opening the door to new entrants into automotive, rewriting the auto industry’s competitive rules and accelerating the car transition from a hardware driven equipment to a dynamic and distributed software-driven connected system, with pressing challenges ahead.

Automotive innovations for electrification – alike advanced self-driving abilities for new mobility experiences – strongly depend on collaborative software excellence and specifically on the mastering of efficient safe real-time embedded systems development paradigms.

Deployment of prevailing time-aware software platforms

Existing embedded systems development platforms – not made for handling the new automotive industry challenges – reach their limit when complexity and safety raise the bar.

As a result, customers start looking beyond their current methodologies and tools for new productive levels of software engineering.

This goes parallel with the fast deployment of open and standardized automotive software architectures – such as AUTOSAR – that are capable of handling all safety requirements of car functions, leveraging new development paradigms to help OEMs and Tier Suppliers deliver dynamic systems that are highly-performant, ultra-reliable, and deterministic-by-design, not by iterations!

ASTERIOS® impact on software development productivity

With ASTERIOS®, KRONO-SAFE is proposing an open and scalable software development solution – based on LET – delivering a time-accurate software development paradigm, that all automotive embedded systems development teams can benefit from, including EV systems developers.

It complies with the latest AUTOSAR TIMEX methodology and enforces determinism-by-construction, allowing the efficient development of deterministic, time-accurate applications.
ASTERIOS® comes with qualified tools that automate verification of assumption of use according to ISO-26262, up to ASIL D at architecture level.

It allows huge savings in development.

One of its prominent early adopters is the worldwide Automotive Tier1 Supplier, APTIV.

A Prominent Adoption Case

In partnership with KRONO-SAFE, this customer is developing a corporate, company-wide software development platform, with the main motivation to reliably integrate and cost-effectively support major advancements throughout the car software lifecycle.

Business objectives deal with a leadership position advancing the industry towards software-defined vehicles.

Want more info? Download the whitepaper called “Reaching Higher Productivity Levels with KRONO-SAFE’s LET Based ASTERIOS® Platform” at the link https://www.krono-safe.com/whitepapers/