[News] S3P Platform now commercially available!

The S3P Platform aims to enable the rapid development and commercial exploitation of services and products connected to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), combining unique features of agility and portability, safety and security (“Smart, Safe and Secure”).

This Platform is now commercially available, following a 3-year and €45M development project in collaboration with the “Embedded France” association and supported by the French government initiative « Nouvelle France Industrielle ». A guide (in French) presenting the S3P Platform is available on CAP’TRONIC’s website here.

The originality of this development project was to validate the technologies and products offered through use cases in real size, and bring to market immediately operational solutions. In the S3P project, KRONO-SAFE has successfully partnered with ANSYS/Esterel and Prove & Run to provide an integrated software platform including tools and real-time kernel for the design and development of “safe and secure” applications.

The platform has been tested on two industrial use cases in collaboration with SAFRAN (Aircraft engine control system) and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC (Smart speed drive). Finally, this project has contributed to enhancing the ASTERIOS software engineering solution with additional hardware platform support and connection to modeling and code generation tools for multi-rate safety-critical multicore applications.