The KRONO-SAFE Professional Services organization bridges the gap between your company’s existing expertise and core competencies and the special (and perhaps temporary) needs that you might have for your next important project.

Whether your application is industrial automation, automotive, aerospace or defense systems, you are probably seeing significant code expansion and dramatic pressures to reduce time to market. You could be struggling with your ability to get the job done effectively, efficiently and on time.

Complementary to our ASTERIOS® commercial software production activities, KRONO-SAFE offers strong knowledge of real-time and critical systems. Indeed, the relevance and success of the KRONO-SAFE Professional Services come from our experience in developing software for customers with high expectations to meet their deadlines, fulfil commitments and deliver quality services.

Our Team and Services

The KRONO-SAFE Professional Services team consists of highly skilled software engineers who have done extensive developments with the KRONO-SAFE technology and are familiar with all aspects of safety- and mission-critical embedded applications.

Our corporate culture ensures the building of complementary, experienced and cohesive teams, allowing evolution of our technical engineers to a higher level of expertise and flexibility to meet the needs of our customers. They keep abreast of the latest developments in RTOS and tools technologies by attending conferences and technology forums as well as working on enhancing the features of the KRONO-SAFE products.

The KRONO-SAFE Professional Services department offers a comprehensive range of services including different levels of expertise, with emphasis on strict adherence to software schedules and on top-notch quality software development processes.

The following services can be conducted in-house or on-site, with a fixed-price or time-and-material business model.

Performance Improvements

KRONO-SAFE consultants can review your software application and suggest insights and ways of improving performance with an optimal usage of ASTERIOS®.

Migration Paths

KRONO-SAFE consultants offer suggestions on migration paths from other operating systems to ASTERIOS® in order to maximize re-usability of existing software. This typically entails identifying potential bottlenecks and determining the path of fastest development.

System Design Recommendation

KRONO-SAFE consultants offer recommendations on the usage of ASTERIOS® that will result in the best possible real-time architecture, based on your system requirements. KRONO-SAFE will perform a study of your product requirements and use-cases, and propose different approaches to ensure that the most optimal software design decision is made for your product. Based on our industrial background in real-time critical development (aerospace, automotive, transportation and industrial automation), our engineers could improve drastically your methods and development time by bringing you their expertise.

Device Drivers

KRONO-SAFE consulting provides the fastest way to develop ASTERIOS® device drivers for custom hardware, on-board devices or daughter boards, taking full advantage of the ASTERIOS® Integrated Software Driver (ISD) technology. Selected third-parties’ communication stacks and libraries can also be adapted on request.

BSP Porting

KRONO-SAFE consultants can perform complete porting of ASTERIOS® RTK to any COTS or custom CPU boards based on single- or multi-core hardware architectures such as ARM Cortex-M/R/A, PowerPC, Aurix Tricore or Intel x86. This development includes the fine tuning of all underlying resources (CPU, cores, cache, memory, buses etc.) and customer’s compiler options for a deterministic and guaranteed integration with ASTERIOS®.

Software Certification Support

KRONO-SAFE can assist in the creation of safety- and mission-critical applications that are subject to industrial certification procedures (such as DO178C, ISO26262 or IEC 61508). KRONO-SAFE engineers can provide software certification services, tools, and technologies to help ASTERIOS® customers address their most demanding software compliance and standards requirements.