ASTERIOS® enables the Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers to integrate, onto a same powerful multi-core domain controller (ECU), different mix-critical functions that safely coexist and run without interference.

ASTERIOS® guarantees the predictable and reproducible real-time behavior of a truly parallel software architecture. Moreover, ASTERIOS® has built-in safety partitioning capabilities proven by construction that dramatically simplify the design process of ISO 26262 certified applications.

ASTERIOS® can be seamlessly integrated into the engineering process allowing the reuse of existing software architectures and runnable legacy code while simplifying OS configuration, distribution on multi-core, and software components allocation.


ASTERIOS® Highlights for Automotive

  • Integrated toolset with built-in simulator for early validation of the application timing behavior
  • Fast and robust integration through the automated calculation of scheduling and run-time tables
  • Easy migration from single-core to multi-core domain controller (ECU)
  • Time and space partitioning kernel for mixed-critical automotive applications
  • Safe and secured coexistence with guest-OS without any virtualization
  • Ready for ISO 26262 (up to ASIL D) safety standard certification

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