ASTERIOS® is a software engineering solution that automates the integration of real-time applications on single-core or multi-core platforms. In addition to a new formalism to express parallelism (temporal deadlines, data streams, partitioning), it implements a new software algorithm to ensure a strict application determinism, and incorporates new engineering tools to drastically simplify the hardware integration phase through automatic configuration of the Real-Time Kernel (scheduling, data synchronization, runtime tables, memory and CPU usage).

To quickly validate the benefits ASTERIOS® brings to your real-time development flow, KRONO-SAFE commercializes a dedicated ASTERIOS® Evaluation Kit that includes the following components:

  • The ASTERIOS® Developer tool-chain with all functionalities available for a 6 month period (renewable)
  • An NXP i.MX6 quad-core prototyping board including the ARM® TrustZone® processor technology
  • An ASTERIOS® RTK execution license for running the application on the NXP i.MX6 hardware platform
  • An ASTERIOS® RTK with Guest-OS for exploring the ASTERIOS® and LINUX cohabitation
  • An ASTERIOS® training, several days of on-site technical assistance and 6 months of remote support and maintenance

Evaluation Kit Yocto Linux i.MX6 Toradex ARM® TrustZone®

ASTERIOS® Evaluation Kit Request

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