Automated Verification Tools for Safety-Critical Software Certification


ASTERIOS® Checker is a qualified TQL5 multi-function tool that performs a set of automatic verifications on the outputs of the ASTERIOS Compiler (subpart of ASTERIOS® Developer). Its purpose is to detect errors that could have been introduced by the ASTERIOS Compiler.

ASTERIOS® Checker tool suite includes :

  • PsyC2C Checker to check the translation from PsyC to C languages,
  • Memory Map Checker to check that the memory protection schemes implemented in the final executable object code are compliant with the memory protection schemes specified by default for the target with the addition of user-specific elements,
  • Bin Checker to check if the final executable object code contains all and only the user and compiler-generated files, and that these files are not altered,
  • Global consistency Checker to ensure that all data exist, no additional data have been added, and that all data are consistent with each other,
  • RSF Checker to ensure that the scheduling plan produced by the Psy Compiler (called the RSF) is correct (allocated tasks’ CPU time is allocated according to their cadencing and budgets specification),
  • Size Checker to ensure the sizes of the communication buffers are compliant with the Psy description,
  • Error management Check to ensure that the error management table are compliant with the user configuration.


This tool suite fulfills some objectives of the software integration process as described in Table A-4, Table A-5 of the DO-178C (Airborne certification standards) as:

  • Source code complies with software architecture,
  • Source code is accurate and consistent,
  • Source Code conforms to standards,
  • Output of software integration process is complete and correct,
  • Software architecture is consistent,
  • Software architecture is compatible with target computer,
  • Software partitioning integrity is confirmed.

Thanks to ASTERIOS® Checker, recurrent user activities are not necessary, except the verification of the correct launch and execution of the tools then verification of its results. In others, certification of your embedded software is easier and faster.

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