KRONO-SAFE is a privately owned company founded in 2011 to commercialize software technologies originally developed with the French atomic energy commission (CEA). Over the past decade, these technologies have been successfully validated by major industry players in the aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial automation and energy markets.

KRONO-SAFE serves markets in need for a safer and more efficient solution for developing real-time embedded applications. These extend to both well established markets such as aerospace, defense, automotive, industrial automation, transportation, energy, medical and new markets springing up where safety and security converge like the Industrial Internet of Things.

KRONO-SAFE is building an ecosystem around its products that encompasses partnerships with hardware platform vendors, embedded tools vendors, consulting and services companies and manufacturers. This enables the company to offer customers comprehensive and value-creating solutions.

With a fifty-strong team of experts in their respective fields and a management staff of seasoned professionals, KRONO-SAFE is firmly focused on development as a way of serving customers more efficiently. The company holds a portfolio of patents securing all its breakthrough solutions developed so far and is actively pursuing its innovation and patenting activities.

KRONO-SAFE is currently based in France, and has plans for expanding to Europe, Asia and the USA.