Didier Roux – CEO

Prior to founding KRONO-SAFE in 2011, Didier spent more than 15 years managing embedded software development for the automotive market, including 5 years at S2I and 8 years at Delphi. During his time at Delphi, he architected international projects and managed development teams deeply involved in real-time critical issues. It was while using his real-time expertise to assess tools and technologies that Didier came upon the disruptive technologies developed at CEA, which now form the backbone of KRONO-SAFE’s breakthrough products.

Damien Chabrol – VP Product Marketing

Damien CHABROL co-founded KRONO-SAFE in 2011. Damien heads the company’s Product Marketing and Quality departments. Prior to KRONO-SAFE, Damien has worked on real-time embedded software issues since 2003 as part of his active membership to CEA’s LaSTRE laboratory, and has helped to design and develop KRONO-SAFE’s products underlying technologies. Its key topics are kernel design and implementation, multi-core and distributed architecture.

Olivier Bermond – VP Engineering

Olivier joined KRONO-SAFE in 2018 after 18 years specialized in embedded software engineering for Mil-Aerospace markets. He has lead developments in small companies as well as in major OEM such as SAFRAN. Involved in projects for Ground combat systems, electronic war systems and also civilian aircraft systems, he has successfully handled normative constraints, up to DO178B DAL A certification. He has managed software teams with multi-site international subcontractors as project manager and was lately Software Engineering Manager for safety-critical applications.

Nicolas Laforest – CFO

With more than 15 years of experience in financial and administrative management, Nicolas joined KRONO-SAFE in 2012 after working as CFO in several technology companies including Microwave Vision, Citilog, Edelia and Alchimer. Prior to this, he held the positions of auditor at Ernst & Young from 1990 to 1995 and assistant CFO at Holcim from 1995 to 2000.

Laurent Mares – VP Sales & Operational Marketing

Laurent joined KRONO-SAFE in 2016, bringing with him 25 years of international sales and professional services management experience in both small and large companies selling complex IT products and solutions. He has developed an intimate and passionate knowledge of the embedded technology and systems engineering markets, with a focus on complex, critical applications such as transportation, defense, aerospace and industrial automation.
Laurent has a successful international sales and business development track record with PTC, Atego, Aonix and Thales Computers, where he led sales, professional services and marketing operations for EMEA and Asia/Pacific.