The maintenance and technical support services on the ASTERIOS® family of software packages are covered by KRONO-SAFE’s “Customer Care” entity. Located in Orsay and close to the R&D teams, KRONO-SAFE’s Customer Care team is at the service of customers to provide the necessary technical support and maintenance to guarantee the success of their critical projects.

Maintenance and support services include the following services related to the use of the ASTERIOS® software packages:

  • Remote technical assistance (telephone, email, web portal)
  • Problems raised and creation of a private ticket for the follow-up of a technical fact (Anomaly, etc.)
  • Provision of a response, correction and / or circumvention, depending on the nature of the technical fact
  • Access to new versions of the Software *
  • Access to maintenance versions of the Software
  • Access to existing patches
  • Access to available technical documentation

* Some new versions of the software could introduce new functionalities that significantly change the scope of the software concerned and thus be considered as “major upgrades”. In this particular case, KRONO-SAFE may be asked to increase the list price of the software and introduce the price of an upgrade for existing maintenance customers wishing to access these new features.

Support Availability

  • 9h00-18h00 CET – 5 days / 7 from Monday to Friday (except holidays in France)
  • Language: English or French

Means of Communication

The Customer Care team is committed to collecting and responding to reported anomalies through one or more of the following means of communication: