[Blog] Settling the Time- vs. Event-Triggered Debate


In a previous blog post, we briefly came across the differences between Event- and Time-Triggered approaches when it comes to real-time systems design. In this post, we want to focus more extensively on the differences between these approaches, and explain why the time-triggered paradigm (which is the foundation of the ASTERIOS technology) is better suited to design complex, safety-critical […]

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[video blog] ANSYS & KRONO-SAFE webinar recording now available!

Ansys Krono FLOW

Les applications embarquées deviennent de plus en plus complexes. Lorsqu’elles sont de haute criticité, il faut démontrer qu’elles respectent l’ensemble des exigences temps-réels et fonctionnelles. Les approches basées sur les modèles (MBSE, Model-Based System Engineering), accompagnées de la génération automatique et certifiée de code, permettent déjà de répondre en partie à cette problématique. Cependant, dans […]

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[Blog] Using the Time-Triggered approach for a better design of safety critical Real-Time Systems

ASTERIOS is way more than an innovative Real-Time Kernel (RTK). It does come with an efficient micro-kernel and some services, which are carefully implemented and optimized to offer the best performances and safety guarantees. But it turns out the RTK constitutes only a small part of the code base that we maintain at KRONO-SAFE. Beyond the original Integrated […]

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[Blog] Deterministic Real-Time Communication Paradigm


Determinism is quite the Eldorado when it comes to real-time, safety-critical systems. However the definition of a deterministic system is paradoxically quite debatable: the most common formulation is a system which, given the same set of inputs and initial state, will always produce the same outputs. The problem of that definition is that, depending on […]

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[video blog] DO-330 qualification strategy presented at CTIC 2017


One of today’s major concerns in the embedded software industry is to design and integrate safe and complex real-time systems based on single- and multi-core processors, while guaranteeing the determinism and timing behavior required by mission- and safety-critical applications. KRONO-SAFE is offering ASTERIOS® Developer, a tool suite that combines an innovative deterministic model with an […]

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[video blog] KRONO-SAFE CEO, Didier ROUX, on the collaboration with IRT SystemX


Didier ROUX, CEO at KRONO-SAFE, giving a short interview about the collaboration with IRT SystemX on the safety and reliable transportation system.

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