[blog] Deterministic Real-Time Communication Paradigm


Determinism is quite the Eldorado when it comes to real-time, safety-critical systems. However the definition of a deterministic system is paradoxically quite debatable: the most common formulation is a system which, given the same set of inputs and initial state, will always produce the same outputs. The problem of that definition is that, depending on […]

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[video blog] DO-330 qualification strategy presented at CTIC 2017


One of today’s major concerns in the embedded software industry is to design and integrate safe and complex real-time systems based on single- and multi-core processors, while guaranteeing the determinism and timing behavior required by mission- and safety-critical applications. KRONO-SAFE is offering ASTERIOS® Developer, a tool suite that combines an innovative deterministic model with an […]

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[video blog] KRONO-SAFE CEO, Didier ROUX, on the collaboration with IRT SystemX


Didier ROUX, CEO at KRONO-SAFE, giving a short interview about the collaboration with IRT SystemX on the safety and reliable transportation system.

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